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Welcome to Tellus Montessori preschool

Tellus Montessori preschool in Norra Fäladen, Lund, is surrounded by spacious green areas which we often explore. The children are at the focus of our preschool, and the Montessori method is geared to take advantage of the child’s curiosity, their own interest and desire to work. The preschool has two groups of children: The small group (Lilla) consists of 11 children aged 1-3 years and three teachers, and the big group (Stora) consists of 20 children aged 3-6 years and four teachers.

The majority of the teachers at Tellus are Montessori trained and have extensive experience of working with the Montessori method and with children. We have our own chef who cooks good, nutritious food in our kitchen on site

Tellus is a cooperative run by parents. All parents are members and thus have some means of influence. The board is elected among parents and are employers to the staff. The monthly fee follows the municipality’s tariff..

Welcome to learn more about us at our website, or contact the preschool director Åse Mohlin, tel. 046 -13 36 25.

For visiting Tellus, contact us via e-mail or tel. 046-13 36 25.