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Our kitchen and food

Since 2003, the Montessori preschool Tellus has its own kitchen with our own chef who cooks all the food for the children and staff. All food is prepared from scratch to ensure the quality of the food to be the best. Our chef cooks traditional Swedish food and also mix influences from all over the world. It is important that the food is good and nutritious as well as tempting to look at. We use only Swedish meat and largely organic vegetables. One day a week we have a green day, for our environment’s sake.

All bread is baked on site by our chef, who is keen to serve good snacks without unnecessary sugar. Special food is cooked for the children who need it. The food served to children with food allergies is mostly very similar to the food served to the other children.

Fish and soup is served every week, and always freshly baked bread with the soup.

For Birthdays, every child gets to wish for his or her favourite lunch which is served on the day, or close to the day

Traditional Christmas, Easter and Midsummer lunches are served each year. The whole preschool enjoys these lunches together at a nicely set long table which the children have decorated.